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We aim to simplify SEO (search engine optimization). We offer an easy quality SEO analysis tool that is professional and essential for website SEO. By making our tools simple and easy to use, we've assisted thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and SEO professionals in improving their web presence.

Who are we?

We are a team of SEO experts who are devoted to their work. To make the Internet a better place, we design and build SEO Tools. Even more, we know that not everyone has access to premium SEO tools, so we updated free tools that everyone can access free of cost. As a result, search engine advertising did not yield the most significant returns for most marketers. Especially for those on the low end, this was a considerable problem. As a result, we established guruseotools.com and assembled an experienced team of industry professionals to develop SEO tools that are compact but mighty.


Our Achievements:

Millions of people worldwide rely on the tools that we provide. Milliards of people worldwide have relied on our tools since we began manufacturing them. The total number of people using the service has skyrocketed. These SEO tools provide information and alerts regarding your site's general health and performance. They assist in identifying opportunities and pinpointing problems or weaknesses that could hinder your website from ranking and being found in search results. Like the essential tools, they each play a particular role and function; the same applies to SEO.

Our Tools:

Today, we have more than 60+ SEO-related tools to choose from, spanning more than ten distinct categories—possibly the most comprehensive collection of SEO tools currently available on the web. In contrast, the quantity and quality of available tools have also increased. We provide these categories of tools. They also contain different tools in them. These tools are as follows:

  • Text Content Tools
  • Keywords Tools
  • Backlink Tools
  • Website Management Tools
  • Website Tracking Tools
  • Proxy Tools
  • Domains Tools
  • Meta Tags Tools
  • Images Editing Tools
  • Other Tools


These all tools help to manage a website. The special thing is that the plagiarism tool has a perfect tool for all writers. Everyone can access these tools easily and freely. We are here whenever you need us.























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