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Use this Link Analyzer Tool from Guru SEO Tools If you want to study your website's link structure. When reacting to the most recent Penguin update or carrying out regular link audits, this free link checker tool makes reviewing and analyzing your links as simple as possible. This tool can only simultaneously study the links on a URL (web page). Therefore, if you're seeking an extensive link audit, examine the individual websites individually, not just the homepage.

How do I make use of this Link Analyzer Tool?

To utilize this Link Analyzer Tool, enter the URL of the page you'd like to look over and choose whether you wish to look through external, internal, or both. It is also possible to select the checkbox to identify the links that do not follow. It gives instant results. It will show the report, which includes every link that is outbound or inbound, and the anchor text. If hyperlinked images are on the page, the image's alt attribute will be displayed as anchor text.

What is the Link Analyzer Tool work?

This tool for checking links on websites developed by Guru SEO tools is designed to aid website owners, web admins, and SEO experts in analyzing the website's links. This tool can find the websites and the links that spiders are crawling the page you have on your site. You must type your site's address within the box and click the "Analyze Links" button. Our system will take care of your request and display the results within minutes.

This link checker for websites will provide you with the following:

  • A total of hyperlinks that are on your website.
  • The number of internal hyperlinks on a page.
  • Several links external to that appear on the web page.
  • The amount of no follow or do follow links on a website.
  • A link analyzer is a handy tool that allows you to have your links active placed on your blog or website. This tool lets you look at internal and external links to your site.


Using this tool for checking website links makes it easy to identify dead links and eliminate them to improve your site's quality. This can benefit your site since it will assist with search engine optimization. It increases your chances of achieving the best page ranking for your website pages.

Benefits from this link Analyzer Tool:

  • The link analyzer will examine external and internal links and do follow, and no follow hyperlinks on your site. This link analyzer has been created to offer web admins, owners of websites, and SEO professionals the ability to provide solid results that allow you to study all website links.


  • If your website has hidden hyperlinks or spam, then you should utilize the tool for link analysis to identify these hidden and spam links. It will also let you know the websites that send you backlinks or traffic. It is possible to use this link checker tool to concentrate on the essential web pages and then work on improving the other links to gain better page rankings in various search engines, such as Google.


  • The search engine's ability to rank websites high is contingent on the quantity and quality of links. It is vital to study your competition and create a website to optimize it and increase your website's traffic by studying the methods used to build links employed by your competitor. The link checker tool can be a great resource to give you a more accurate and accurate analysis of backlinks for your site.


How do you utilize this Link Analyzer Tool efficiently?

Link analysis is the most critical part of optimizing your search engine. It is essential to be exact regarding the total amount of hyperlinks that are either directed or connected to your site. An accurate analysis of the coming and outgoing links will allow you to reap SEO benefits.


There are numerous similar SEO tools on the web. However, this is the only internet-based link Analyzer you can find. It is not necessary to sign up by email or download the tool. The link checker tool on your website will provide all the details you require to examine your website's outbound and inbound links.












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